Late Night Distractions…

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My plan tonight was to study. There’s this book called Mastery, by Robert Greene that I really need to finish reading. I have been slacking on my reading lately. You know, how it is, life sometimes gets in in front of the best of us… 

Freshly showered, Kindle in hand, I begin my search for the most comfortable “lounging-in-bed” position so I can sink into my book.  

When I out of nowhere. I’m hit by desire. Well, maybe it wasn’t all that “out of nowhere.” It was a voice on the other end of the phone. It was a call that came after my shower, but before I found the perfect position. A voice that wakes every inch of my flesh and ignites my soul. A trillion-dollar net worth with assets voice… A businessman, who won’t hesitate to “knuckle-up” if the situations deemed it necessary. 

Yep, that’s the kind of voice it is. The voice of the Supreme Ruler, The Solar Controller, The Master Builder. His is the voice of God. And I want him so bad. 


I remind myself that I’m building an empire. I am working on some goals. I’m manifesting some dreams. I attempt to go back to my book. I must master these principles.  


I feel his presence, as if he is right next to me.  I mean, I can literally feel the heat radiating from his skin. I respond to the touch of an invisible hand. It is a hand so powerful it penetrates time and space.  

I just can’t help but laugh at myself.  I want him so bad… There is a power within him that draws me in. There is a peace he brings without a word.  There is a bond between us I can’t explain. It isn’t something I even want to name. It is simply understood.  

Our dance is beautiful and timeless. We have met in other times. We will meet in many more. I’m grateful for all that he is, a living fantasy. Ok Enough of that…. 

Now, back to my book. I must master this shit. I have goals, plan, and dreams. Besides. I heard somewhere where that millionaires have sex 4 times as much as non-millionaires. SO, I MUST MASTER THIS SHIT. It is time for me to grind. There’s money being made out there and I want my share.   

My current problem??? How do I get you to understand that I can help you make more money and keep it? What do I need to do to get you to let me help you heal your relationship with money? I will figure it out… I MUST MASTER THIS SHIT.  Like I said, I have goals to reach. 

Peace, Power, and Prosperity


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