5 Things I Wish More Women Knew

A Note to My Readers: This post was originally written and published on November 23, 2017. At the time it was to be a part of a book called “Every Woman Should Know… Well, the book has yet to be written. Life and Circumstances took me in a different direction. I hope you all enjoy my old work as well as the new things my mind creates. Thank You all for your continued love and support over the years. With Love TalibahAset

1.Sex and love are not equivalent or necessarily related.

2. The primary reason you can not find love, is you haven’t learned to receive it, especially from yourself.

3. You can not be responsible for what you can not control, let it go

4. Being a spoiled, petulant child of a woman is not the same thing as being Queen..The Queen often, sacrifices her wants for the needs of others..It’s her JOB

5. Neediness and Desperation are NOT attractive 

Peace, Power, and Prosperity


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