The Divine Standard of Beauty

A Note to My Readers: “The Divine Standard of Beauty was originally written and published on November 22, 2016. As I have grown as a writer and finally settled into “My Thing” I realized that I have a body of work spread out over the web and have decided to bring it all home to the “Words, Wealth, Wellness & Womanhood blog. I hope you all will enjoy seeing how my work has grown over the years. I have made some slight edits and corrections but the message has remained untouched. Thank you for all of you continued love and support over the years.” – With Love TalibahAset


The Divine doesn’t care if your breast are too small or your ass is too big. It doesn’t matter what size your waist is. You are a masterpiece simply based upon the fact that you are here, having a human experience. If you want to change your body, by all means do so. Just remember, you are already beautiful because you are. You do not need to be more anything. Just be You. You are enough.

 Peace, Power and Prosperity 


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