The Path to Purpose

This article was originally posted on the Healing Wisdom Holistics Blog at http://www.healingwisdomholistics.com, February 11, 2021

The Path to Purpose is a Sacred Journey

Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic, and miracles.


What if I told you that a year from today, you could be living the life of your dreams? You might be thinking that would be a miracle. And you’d be right, but miracles aren’t uncommon; they happen to people just like you every day. Creating miracles in your life is simple. The problem is we want life to be easy – not simple.

We want to keep the old habits, outdated lifestyles, and relationships that no longer serve us. We hold on to all these things while praying for a miracle to fix us. The true miracle, however, is that it’s within your power to fix yourself. When we take ownership of our lives we can do, have, and be damn near anything our hearts desire.

We construct our lives exactly the way we commit to having them. The life you’re living today is the result of all you’ve committed yourself to until now. The first step to making lasting changes in our lives is becoming aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts indicate our commitments. We’re either committed to a life of purpose or a life of pain. When we choose to master our thinking, what we’ve committed to becomes clear. Life is a divine experiment, as such it’s an opportunity to create anything you want if you are willing to be conscious in every moment to the truth that YOU ARE THE CREATOR!

I wish someone had told me this many years ago, it would’ve saved me tons of heartache and struggle. I wish I’d known from the beginning of my life, that I was born a strong woman. It would’ve made a huge difference. I wish I’d been aware of my courage; I wouldn’t have spent so many years cowering. If I’d known how powerful I am, I would’ve embraced my life with open arms, instead of running from it for so long. If I’d know I was born to take on the world and win, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time in the shadow of doubt, denial, and discouragement.

I’ve spent much of my life committed to starting over, surviving, settling, stumbling, and searching for something. Unconsciously creating mental dramas, expecting the worse, struggling from one crisis to the next, battered by self-made circumstances, without realizing that I had a choice. I could stop being the author of my own misfortune, by simply choosing to write a new story.

Writing a new story, for me, has been more about perspective than fact. It’s not an exercise in denial, but reexamination of the moments that have made a difference in the trajectory of my life. To move forward, I’ve had to go back to the moments I lost myself and find the places where I veered off the path to purpose. I’ve dug deep into the assumptions, expectations, failures, and successes that have shaped me, exhumed the loves, hates, promises, and pains that have bound me, and dusted off the choices that derailed my dreams to uncover the risks, ruins, tumults, and triumphs that set me free.

Reclaiming myself has not been easy. It’s a conscious, daily commitment to shed the old; old issues, guilts, fears, patterns, responses, resentments, relationships, attitudes, or whatever no longer serves me. Long gone are the days of carrying around emotional baggage and giving power to what’s held me back. It’s a new day, a time for new people, places, pleasures, passions, and yes even new predicaments.

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”


This blog is about sharing my journey back to self with you and showing you that you can live a life you love, a life of your own. I believe every one of us was born for a divine purpose, and to live that purpose is our birthright. In fact, until we can get clear on why we are here, there’s not much use in pursuing anything else. The noted chess grandmaster, Robert Byrne once observed, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

In the 1940s, while a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps, Viktor Frankl began to question what made some push through the unimaginable pain of the camps while others died. He concluded that the difference was that those who survived found meaning in the struggle. In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning he writes, “Those who have a ‘why’ to live can bear almost any ‘how’.”

Napoleon Hill, author of the classic Think and Grow Rich said, “There’s a quality that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it.”

The importance of purpose in our lives has been well documented. However, the return to self and reclaiming our purpose is not for the faint of heart. It’s a journey that requires a profound shift in your inner reality. Often a difficult journey is made easier when you have a traveling companion to support you along the way. It’s even better if that companion knows the territory and can also act as a guide during the trip.

I’d like to be a companion and guide to you if you will allow me. I believe there is a mystical bond between a reader and writer that draws the two together. If it’s meant for you, you’ll be called to it. If not, you’ll move on to something else. In the words of the poet, W.B. Yeats, “If what I write resonates with you, it’s merely because we are both branches on the same tree.”

There’s something magical about being allowed into someone’s life. In reading, I’ve learned not only to sympathize with others but truths about myself that I hadn’t been able to see before. Writing this blog is my way of stepping into the power of my calling to help others heal with words. More importantly, it’s my gift to you. As you read my words, may you discover magnificent truths about yourself you’ve never realized before?

What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.


Choosing to create the blog has been both excruciating and exhilarating. It’s required that I push past my fears around putting myself out there in an honest and intimate way. I’ve laughed and cried as I reexamined the dreams, loves, pleasures, and pains of my own past.

It’s my hope that you will be inspired to give yourself permission to embark on your own deeply personal journey to self. I should warn you that this is not one of those “how to change your life” blogs that tell you what you need to change and gives you step-by-step instructions for how to make the changes.

The stories and insights I share are meant to provoke your own unique insights and interpretations that will lead you to discover your own divine spark, experience your own magnificence, and step into your own power. Think of it as a soul-to-soul conversation on the path through one of life’s sacred journeys. Engage your heart, mind, and spirit. And allow your authentic self to guide you to a more beautiful, more abundant, more miraculous life.  


Late Night Distractions…

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

My plan tonight was to study. There’s this book called Mastery, by Robert Greene that I really need to finish reading. I have been slacking on my reading lately. You know, how it is, life sometimes gets in in front of the best of us… 

Freshly showered, Kindle in hand, I begin my search for the most comfortable “lounging-in-bed” position so I can sink into my book.  

When I out of nowhere. I’m hit by desire. Well, maybe it wasn’t all that “out of nowhere.” It was a voice on the other end of the phone. It was a call that came after my shower, but before I found the perfect position. A voice that wakes every inch of my flesh and ignites my soul. A trillion-dollar net worth with assets voice… A businessman, who won’t hesitate to “knuckle-up” if the situations deemed it necessary. 

Yep, that’s the kind of voice it is. The voice of the Supreme Ruler, The Solar Controller, The Master Builder. His is the voice of God. And I want him so bad. 


I remind myself that I’m building an empire. I am working on some goals. I’m manifesting some dreams. I attempt to go back to my book. I must master these principles.  


I feel his presence, as if he is right next to me.  I mean, I can literally feel the heat radiating from his skin. I respond to the touch of an invisible hand. It is a hand so powerful it penetrates time and space.  

I just can’t help but laugh at myself.  I want him so bad… There is a power within him that draws me in. There is a peace he brings without a word.  There is a bond between us I can’t explain. It isn’t something I even want to name. It is simply understood.  

Our dance is beautiful and timeless. We have met in other times. We will meet in many more. I’m grateful for all that he is, a living fantasy. Ok Enough of that…. 

Now, back to my book. I must master this shit. I have goals, plan, and dreams. Besides. I heard somewhere where that millionaires have sex 4 times as much as non-millionaires. SO, I MUST MASTER THIS SHIT. It is time for me to grind. There’s money being made out there and I want my share.   

My current problem??? How do I get you to understand that I can help you make more money and keep it? What do I need to do to get you to let me help you heal your relationship with money? I will figure it out… I MUST MASTER THIS SHIT.  Like I said, I have goals to reach. 

Peace, Power, and Prosperity


A Plain English Crypto FAQ

A Note to My Readers: There a few links in this article, some of them may be affiliate links. This means if you click on them and make a purchase I might receive a small commission at no cost to you. This article was originally published on the Hustle & Heart Blog

Ask anyone that knows me, and they will tell you that I love cryptocurrency. I believe that crypto and its underlying technology, blockchain can level the playing field for many people who normally wouldn’t stand a chance of winning the money game.

I’m assuming that, by now, we all have, at least, heard of cryptocurrency. Most people know something about Bitcoin. My issue is that being aware crypto exists, isn’t the same as understanding how you can benefit from it.

For example, many people who are suffering from financial hardships may be aware of crypto. But, without a working knowledge of it, they are unable to make use of it to end their struggle.

My goal is to help you grasp the basics of crypto and blockchain so that you will be able to use it to take better care of yourselves and each other.

After taking more than two days to consider how I would present the information in this article, it finally, clicked. I would organize all the most common questions people ask me and create a Plain English Crypto FAQ for you. I hope, you enjoy it and learn something.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Literally, my aunt just asked me this today. It’s a question that comes up for me all the time. If I were you, I’d definitely want to know this first, so here’s the answer.

Cryptocurrency is an electronic currency designed to work like cash. You’re familiar with digital money. That’s what debit and credit cards are. The “money” doesn’t exist in a physical form, like paper and coins.
Your debit card has a central authority, like a bank. Crypto is governed with decentralized control.

Each cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, known as a blockchain. It serves as a public transaction database. It means you are in control of your own funds. You don’t need a bank or any type of authority. That’s why I call it “freedom money.”

It’s worth noting before we move on, that not all cryptocurrencies are designed to be assets, like Bitcoin. I will go more into this later. For now, we will stick to the questions before us.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was launched as open-source software, in January 2009, after the housing market crash.

It all started with a white paper published online in 2008. The author, someone called, Satoshi Nakamoto, laid out a plan for a peer-to-peer money system, that would not require any trust or central authority.
Since that time, new coins and blockchains have been developed, forever changing the way we deal with money.

I can now send funds to you anywhere in the world; instantly and without a financial institution of any kind.
That wasn’t too difficult, was it? You’re off to a great start, you’ll be a crypto expert in no time. Shall we continue?

What is Blockchain?

The distributed ledger technology a cryptocurrency works through is called a blockchain. You can think of it as a set of building blocks.

Each block is a collection of transactions. Since all the computers running on the blockchain have access to the same code, they can see new blocks being filled with new transactions, this makes it next to impossible to cheat the system.

The information on the blockchain is shared by many computers, we call it a “distributed” ledger.

All the nodes (remember: the computers are called nodes) are equal. There’s not one that rules over the others. There’s no central authority, like a bank or government, instead, everything is controlled by code or algorithms. We call this being “decentralized.”

Blockchain is a technology that allows us to move digital money, without the need for a bank. It is an open-source ledger that everyone can access to validate transactions.

Wow! We’re making some progress here, you now know what cryptocurrency is and have a definition of blockchain that you can digest, I hope.

If you have any problems understanding, please tell me in the comments. I’m doing this to help you, not confused you more. I want to hear from you, trust me.

Can I Buy Things With Cryptocurrency?

This is the question I get asked more than any other. And the answer is YES! You can buy things with cryptocurrency.

Now, that I’ve told you that, there are a few details I want to point out.
Cryptocurrency is not legal tender, which means you can’t pay your taxes with it.

With that said, if I had cryptocurrency and needed to pay my taxes, I would convert it into USD and then pay my debt.

In fact, that is what I do to pay my rent and other household bills. There are tools available that will allow you to withdraw directly to your bank account.

There are also debit cards you can use to make purchases with crypto. I use 3 different ones. The one from Crypto.com is my favorite and I use it for all my everyday purchases.

Next, I use the one from Bitpay for all of my bills and household expenses. And last, I have one from Blockcard, I use it for gifts for my grandbabies. Yes, I have a separate account for my grands.

The three cards I’ve mentioned are the ones I personally use. There are others; each with unique features and benefits. I suggest taking the time to research and choose the one that’s best suited to your needs.

They all allow me to go into a store and swipe, or I can pay online like I would with any debit card.

I will soon do a post about the different card options available and how they work, for now. Let’s continue with our FAQ.

Is Cryptocurrency Legal?

Cryptocurrency is legal in the United States, where I live. But, I can’t say the same for all countries in the world. In fact, I recommend this article from Cryptonews, that talks about places where Bitcoin is legal or banned.

Another article you might want to check out, regarding the regulatory side of crypto is “Two Pro-Crypto Bills Introduced in Congress” from the Blockchain Association.

There was another bill recently introduced by Rep. Paul Gosar, The Cryptocurrency Act of 2020. I honestly have mixed feelings about this one. While, I agree that crypto is a way for people who haven’t been able, to “participate in the global economy,” I’m not positive if this act is the best way to ensure it.

I’ll have to get back to you on it after I’ve had some time to reflect. In the meantime, check the article out for yourself, and let me know what you think.

Is Cryptocurrency Taxable in the U.S.?

Before I answer this question, let me say that I’m NOT a tax professional. I can’t give you tax advice. I can tell you that in the United States there are some situations where Cryptocurrency is taxed.

I’m not going to begin to pretend I know what they are. I recommend seeking the services of a tax professional to make sure you are on the right track. I suggest reading anything by Dr. Ron Mueller, as well.

How do I Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency?

I get this one a lot too. One way is to use an exchange. If you know someone who has some, you can buy it from them.

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges and if you ask 100 people which is the best, you will likely get 100 unique answers.

Personally, I recommend Coinbase for beginners. It is user-friendly to the max. You won’t get confused navigating the site. One of my favorite things is there is always a chance to learn about new coins.

I use several exchanges and have plans to write informative articles about each one and why I like it. For now, Coinbase is a great place to start.

Where do I Keep My Cryptocurrency?

If you’ve ever used Cashapp, then you understand, what a wallet is. When someone sends money to you, it is stored in a wallet that you can access via the app.

This is similar to how crypto is stored. We use a wallet that is compatible with the cryptocurrency we are working with.

There a few things you need to know about wallets. When you set it up you will be given a private key or a seed phrase. You must write this down and KEEP IT! I have a dedicated notebook for this. Do NOT lose it or let anyone else have it.

There is no way to recover it. If you lose it, you will not be able to access your wallet. This becomes a problem for most people, if they have an app on their phone, and have to reinstall it for some reason. If you have to reinstall your app you will need the private key or seed phrase to do it.
If you give someone this information, they will be able to steal whatever is in your wallet. Whoever has the keys, controls the wallet.

I want to make sure this is 100% clear. I’ve had some people swear off crypto because they couldn’t understand why this is the way things are. Honestly, it’s the price of freedom. Freedom means everyone is responsible for their own stuff.

If you plan to get serious about crypto, I implore you to use a “cold wallet”. I know, you’re asking what the heck is a cold wallet. I’m getting to that now.

A cold wallet is like a thumb drive for your money. It stores your crypto safely offline; the way a thumb drive does your documents. There are some good ones out there. Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey are all worth looking into.

Are you ready for the last question in our FAQ? Here it is.

What is a Smart Contract?

I’m starting to get this question more frequently. I’m sure it has to with the fact that I’ve been talking more about a smart contract this past few months. Well, let me tell you what it is and then you’ll see why I’m excited about it.

A smart contract is an agreement that executes itself… I KNOW RIGHT! The terms of the agreement are written into its code.

Wait, there’s more, the code with the agreement written into it lives on the blockchain.

Why is this Awesome?

The code enforces the agreement. The blockchain tracks the money. Smart contracts allow us to do business without trust, banks, or lawyers.

Back in 1994, a super-smart guy, named Nick Szabo, came up with the idea for “smart contracts” The idea was to marry the practice of contract law to the design of e-commerce protocols between strangers.

The problem was that in 1994, there was no blockchain. Now, that we have the blockchain, there are endless possibilities for life as we know it. From crowdfunding to selling houses and cars, smart contracts have the power to make our lives, easier and more efficient.

Before I go, here is an interesting tidbit about Nick Szabo, you might like to know.

In 1998, he designed a decentralized digital currency called “bit gold.” It didn’t take off. But it seems to be a direct ancestor of Bitcoin. They share some remarkable characteristics.

In the “bit gold” network, participants use computer power to solve “cryptographic puzzles”. In the Bitcoin network, miners use computer power to solve “mathematical problems.”

Both Nick Szabo and Satoshi Nakamoto were determined to solve the “double-spend” problem without a central authority.

According to Szabo, “bit gold” was designed to act like gold, he said, “I was trying to mimic as closely as possible in cyberspace the security and trust characteristics of gold, and chief among those is that it doesn’t depend on a trusted central authority,” And Bitcoin, of course, is known as digital gold.

Although he has denied it, many people have speculated that Nick Szabo is Satoshi Nakamoto. It doesn’t seem so far-fetched. They even have the same initials turned backward.

Regardless, I don’t think it matters, at this point. All I know is I’m grateful for everyone who has played a part in bringing this awesomeness to the world.

The crypto industry is still young. I’m happy to see all the new innovations that are showing up. I’m excited about the kind of world crypto will help my grandbabies create for themselves.
Like I said, I love crypto.

Thanks for taking the time to read today, I really appreciate it when someone reads my work. I hope it has been both informative and enjoyable for you. If so, please share it with others who may be interested in learning more about cryptocurrency.

Peace, Power, and Prosperity


TalibahAset is a writer and thought leader. She is an advocate of financial literacy and economic empowerment, founder of the Hustle & Heart Community, blockchain and cryptocurrency aficionado, and believer in soul purpose. She can be reached at hustleandheart@talibahaset.com

Escaping The Labyrinth

This article was originally posted on The Hustle and Heart blog at http://www.talibahaset.com

I experienced heartbreak for the first time when I was 8 years old. I knew that anytime my mother’s gigantic greenish-yellow suitcase was in the living room, it was going to be a bad day. This was one of those days.

I can’t remember how the day started but it ended with my mother, sister and me, settling in at my grandparents. For me, this was as routine as brushing my teeth in the morning. In a few days, my parents would talk. They would make up and we all would go home. Except this time that isn’t what happened.

This time, my mother enrolled me in a new school. It was then, that I concluded that I no longer had a home. Mine was shattered. A household isn’t like a toy. If it were a malfunctioning toy, my daddy could fix it. This was something he couldn’t fix. And that broke my heart.

I stopped eating and sleeping. And for 2 solid weeks I did nothing but cry; so much that my mama had to call my daddy. I can still hear her saying “You have to come get her, she’s going to make herself sick.” The truth is, the illness had already begun to set in. At 8 years old, I was broken in a way that no one could fix. No one, that is, but me.

I was what is called a “gifted” child. I could read before I was 2. And was showing great promise as a writer. Now, the gifted child was gone and replaced with an automaton. I wasn’t numb or empty, I could feel and express a full range of emotion.

I was, as it were, locked inside myself. In Greek Mythology, Daedalus built a complex and confusing structure to contain the Minotaur. He did such a good job that the he could barely escape it. I too, had created a labyrinth; an intricate web of automatic defense mechanisms designed to contain the monsters of life. It would take many years to escape.

The Breaking of My Shell

To be inside a maze is to be lost, confused, afraid and alone. At the same time, it is a hiding place, a safe haven, and comfort zone. It is to be held captive by your own being. I had built it and, I had the power to escape it. I didn’t know if I wanted to leave it.

If, I chose to escape, I had to act; take steps. The problem with this was that I could meet up with the beast around any corner. Remember, the purpose of the labyrinth, in the first place, was to contain the monster. And if, I destroyed the maze it, I’d set devil free.

Life for me, was an affliction, marked by an intense desire to be free and a tremendous fear of what freedom means. I wanted to be a world-famous writer, but that required me to leave the familiar walls of my labyrinth. I was stuck in a cycle of ambitious dreams and constant terror.

I imagine this to be much like the ambivalence someone feels when they have been in prison for a long time. You want to be free but don’t know how. Outside of your confines you are forced to deal with life and have no idea how that’s accomplished.

I was a mess through all of my teen years and into adulthood, never knowing if I was coming or going. At 14, I could hold a conversation with someone that was powerful enough that they would remember me for the rest of their life. I knew the exact words for the any situation, but had no incantation that would fix me.

My teachers were perplexed. In me, they saw a rare kind of genius. And yet I did nothing substantial in school. My progress reports were always written in red ink. All that resembled consistency in my life was the Fs that showed up on my report card. I quit school in the 12th grade.

From there, my life went into a downward spiral. It was the physical representation of the constant flux I was experiencing on the inside. And there was nothing I could do about it. Or was there? After a few abusive relationships and not wanting to fall deep into my self-made prison, I decided it was time for me to escape.

Escaping the Labyrinth

One day, I was sitting on the porch and it occurred to me that I needed to change. I was in my 20s, had four children, and had done nothing significant with my time. I wanted to do something to would improve our quality of life. But what could I do?

I had an amazing ability to see into souls and knew what needed to be said in any situation. I was a naturally gifted communicator. I had a way with both words and people. It wasn’t an overnight thing but I had found a piece to the puzzle of purpose.

I was born to make a positive impact on people’s lives with words. This was an awesome revelation. The problem was I had no idea how to translate that into a living. Seeking direction I enrolled at The University of Metaphysics. This was a turning point for me. I had found my element.

I was never the 9 to 5 type. The whole employer/employee dynamic seemed off to me. I was adverse to someone telling me how much my time was worth. I entered the world of work because I was told that there was no future in words. Writing and communication was somehow reserved for a certain group of people, and I was not allowed to join their ranks. As a result of this, well-meaning but terrible advice, I bounced from job to job for a while.

In the meantime, I found myself remembering a book I had read when I was about 12. It was “The Richest Man in Babylon”. I decided to study it again. At 20-something, it had a new meaning. It sparked within me a deep interest in wealth.

I entered a self-directed apprenticeship phase, where I researched and learned all I could about finance. It was a period of awesome growth for me. I now had a vague idea of what I would do with my life. I would use my writing and passion for metaphysics and finance to make a positive impact on people’s lives. But it seemed I was still missing something.

And then in 2009 something happened that would clearly define my path. It was the arrival of bitcoin. At first, I was not so concerned about the coin, looking back, maybe I should have been. What had my attention was the technology it was built on. I had become spellbound with blockchain , and that began another apprenticeship phase.

I asked myself, “how could I blend my love of writing and metaphysics, with my passion for financial literacy and blockchain technology to create something that would make people happy?”

I became “The Money Metaphysician.” I’m a writer, a storyteller, a blogger, and thought leader. I’m a thinker, an idea generator; an aspiring influencer and a way maker. I’m a scribe of the highest order and I’m destined for greatness because I refuse to accept that there is a force on this Earth sufficient in power to defeat me.

5 Things You Can Learn My Story

I told you this story with you for a few reasons. The first is, If I ask you to take the time to read what I write, heed my advice, share my posts, follow me on social media, or anything like that, you have a right to know a bit about me.

Second, I want you to have something that you can act on to improve your own life. Or to share with someone else who might need it. And finally to smart conversation in the comments.

Run Your Own Race
Everywhere in nature, flora and fauna, develops at its own rate. I’ve never seen a tree jealous of the grass because it grows faster. Stop comparing yourself to others. Their vision and path is not yours.
They have different connections to make and lessons to learn. Growth to you may be a set-back for them. Failure to them, may be a stellar education to you. You are being prepared for your own journey. Instead of comparing yourself to others, determine what success and happiness means for you. And then work out what you need to do to build more of that into your life. Success is custom-made.

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”


Put Yourself First
“If oxygen masks are needed they will drop down from the ceiling, Please put your mask on first, and then, if you are traveling with children, help them with theirs.” There is a reason for these instructions. You can’t possibly look out for anyone else until you’ve taken care of yourself. Many of us have been taught that caring for ourselves is selfish but proper self-care is good for you and everyone around you. Set aside time daily to attend to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Make this a part of your schedule to reduce the possibility of sacrificing this time for something else.

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.”

Audre Lorde

Take an Objective View of Your Childhood
The subconscious mind uses your core beliefs to build your reality. These ideas usually start to form in youth. This means, parents (or caretakers) play the biggest part in shaping them. Seeing this influence objectively can be liberating and insightful. It beats the hell out of blaming them for everything wrong in your world.

Ask yoursef :

  1. What did my parents tell me about the world?
  2. What did my parents think of other people?
  3. How did my parents describe and view me?
  4. Were my parents views affected by any religious, cultural, or generational beliefs?
  5. Just because my parents believed something, does that mean I should?

Using Socratic Questioning in this way, helps you to see where you might be holding on to beliefs and behaviors as a matter of tradition. The goal is to isolate the thoughts that work for you, in your situation, right now, allowing you to determine your own ethical framework from which to work. You become more open minded which is a great way to reduce conflict with others.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Viktor Frankl

Forget the “Shoulds”
Make a list of all the things you do because you should. Ask yourself when it became a should? Who told you that it was something that you should do? Then mark a line through any “shoulds” that are no longer serving your life’s purpose. Become conscious of when you think “I should___.” And make a point to resist it. This will help you start to create new patterns that are more aligned with your purpose

“Let the world know who you are as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing you will forget the pose, and then where are you?”

Be Your Own Guru
A guru is a trusted guide that you can turn to for advice. It is great to have someone like that in your life. I have a few. Still, learning to keep your own counsel is important. Often when we say we want advice, what we mean is that we need confirmation. This is because we don’t trust ourselves to make sound decisions. When we take responsibility for our own choices we can’t blame anyone else for the results we get. When you learn to trust yourself more you will have more freedom and control in your life.

“Miracle workers learn to keep their own counsel. Something that’s important to know about spiritual wisdom is that, when spoken at the wrong time, in the wrong place, or to the wrong person, the one who speaks sounds more like a fool than a wise one.”

Marianne Williamson

Did any other thoughts or insights come up for you? I would love to know your thoughts Please share them in the comments.

Peace, Power, & Prosperity


My Birthday Wish 2020

My birthday is exactly one month from today. Last year on my birthday, I went on a date with a compulsive liar who bought me two pairs of boots and spent nearly $200 on books to add to my library. All in all, I’d say it was not a bad birthday. Honestly, it has been a long time since I’ve wanted anything specific thing for birthday. Life has a way of getting in front of such things as we get older.

This year, things are different. Maybe it is because I, like many others around the world, have been primarily confine to the house for nearly a year. There is something about having to wear a mask everywhere I go that takes away from outings theses days. It might be the frustration watching others struggle needlessly, knowing I have access to information that could solve several their problems if they only listen. Possibly, it is that time alone has rekindled my love of writing and I want more than anything to hone the craft. Or it could be a variety of things mixed and mingled.

All I know is that this year I want to be heard. I want to be a voice that matters.

All I know is that this year I want to be heard. I want to be a voice that matters. For as long as I can remember I have wanted empower people. I believe it has something to do with the fact that I have experienced so much pain. I can’t stand to see other people hurting. I don’t think I remember a time in my life that I’ve witnessed so many people in pain at once. It breaks my heart to be in possession of something that will help so many, but not have a voice big enough to reach them.

If my voice were loud enough, I would tell them that they don’t need a stimulus check or eviction moratorium. If I could reach them I would let them know that all they need is their smart phone or laptop, a few dollars, a few friends, and a simple set of instructions they could position themselves to never have to worry about income again. I would also suggest that they seriously consider becoming educated about money, so they can keep more of that income.

Right now, people need an immediate solution to a very real problem, and I have what I believe to be the best solution. But they can’t hear me. There are those who are praying for relief that I know I can give them if I could just make my voice reach beyond the noise. I could help them pay their bills. I could help them pay their rent. I could help them make their Christmas merry. I could help them raise the money they need for any reason if they could just hear me.

What do I want for my birthday this year? I just want to be heard. I want to reach the people who need to know about what I have. So, who do you know that needs some extra cashflow fast? Who do you know that needs to pay their rent? Hell, who needs to take their dog to the vet? Do you know anyone who needs to raise money for any reason? If so, could you please send them my way. I have something that just might help.

Peace, Power, and Prosperity

TalibahAset Nasiha

Sick, Tired, and Fed-up

A Note to My Readers: I originally wrote “Jeans and Justice” at the end of 2016. It was a few years after one of my son’s best friends was killed by another kid, not unlike himself. At the time, I really wanted to put together an event for the youth. It didn’t happen. Now, I realize that youth events are not really “my thing”. I still have a hear for helping the youth in the community. These days, my thoughts have matured and my path is much clearer. I am The Money Metaphysician. I know that if we are ever going give our youth a better world in which to live, we will need to start by addressing the root cause of the issue: THE MONEY. It is always about the money. Empowerment begins with the economy in our homes and our “hoods”

A few years ago, on a day like any other, I saw a police car speed past my house.  It has become such a common site that I thought nothing of it. A few hours later my daughter comes home and asks “Ma, did you see any police?” I recall the car from earlier and answer, “Yes. Why?” She says,” J*****, got shot.” I am a bit taken aback, but as is my nature, to always lean toward the positive, I ask, “Is he ok?” In my youngest child’s signature matter of fact tone, she answers, “He’s dead”. 

My first thought was my son, who was at the time away in college. This is one of his best friends, really more of a brother. Someone needed to break the news. I am not sure who did or what I said. The next few weeks were, for me; a blur of life… no direction changing moments. There was a candle light vigil, where a mother, like myself begged for someone, anyone to do something…

(I am thinking) 

There was a wake where I saw a boy, a son, like my own, 17 years old, dressed in a high school football jersey, lain in a casket. There was my son, expressing to me, that in his opinion, his “brother” has on too much make up. ( I don’t believe he’s ever seen funeral make-up). He says, in earnest, “Ma, don’t let them put all that make-up on me.” I say, “Son, I don’t expect to bury you.”

(I am thinking) 

It hits me like a ton of bricks; the impact of the fact that this is fully his expectation. In accordance with his daily reality, his mother is highly likely to bury him. All this is happening in my personal life, while the nation, for the time being is all flustered over the Ferguson affair..

 (I am thinking, but will keep these thoughts to myself as they have nothing to do with my purpose.)

A few weeks later, a girl dies, from an overdose of pills. Some years before, a boy shoots another boy through his bedroom window, he dies. That same year a boy, who I saw in a tribunal, a while before, shoots and kills a girl, who is pregnant. I remember a few years earlier, at that tribunal, thinking to myself, “If someone doesn’t intervene, for this boy, he is going to get himself in a lot of trouble.” And well… He did.

Still haven’t gotten the picture? We have boys under 18 walking around with their pants around their knees and ankles, in a zombie like state because they are “gone on them pills.” We have girls, who are so unaware of their worth and have been taught consciously or unconsciously that they were “born with a money maker.” They will sell the very essence of their being to the low life with the most cash. Is it starting to sink in?

There are too many adults, too eager to write these kids off. They never take the time to talk to them. They never ask them how they feel, but have every opinion about who they are and what they want. Too many adult say the kids need something to do, but no one wants to put in the work to provide anything for them to do. We, as parents, are far too eager to get to the end of summer, “So they can take their asses back to school.” 

The level of apathy toward providing events and activities for the children is smothering. Seriously, If I were independently wealthy, I wouldn’t hesitate to provide these things out of my own pocket. But, I am not. What I have is a vivid imagination and keen insight into the hearts and minds of these kids. First, I was once one of them. Second, (And I know this one is hard to believe) I’m actually out here in their faces on the street, talking to them each and every day.

I have decided that, if no one else will, I will do it. I will be the one to speak for these children, and the mothers who are tired of burying their sons and daughters. I will be the voice of every mother that has ever watched, helplessly in the courtroom, as her baby is cuffed and taken away. I will provide for them what everyone can see they need, but no one seems to care enough to give. I am not concerned about how it will happen. I simply know that it must…


When I originally wrote the words you just read, I wanted to put together an event for the youth. The event was to be called, “The Jeans and Justice Youth Expo 2017” At the time, based on my level of understanding, it seem like the best thing to do. I have grown quite a bit in the years since. My understanding has become clearer. I have also learned about tools, strategies, and resources I didn’t know about then. A few didn’t even exists at the time. I still believe that our youth need a creative outlet and a constructive way to spend their time. I just no longer think an event is enough. The children need more. And now I know there is something better for them.

The Original Art for The Jeans and Justice Youth Expo 2017

All the issues these young people and their families face are directly related to what I call the “pressures of poverty.” When we stop listening to the politicians and so-called community leaders tell us what THEY think is best for us, we might begin to see our social problems for what they really are; economic problems. Yes, when we start to honestly evaluate the issues faced by our communities we begin to see that they all are about the money. It is always about the money. The problem is that for the most part we don’t have any.

The question is, how do we get the money? Fortunately, now-a-days getting money is easy. Well it is as easy as learning to use a few new technologies and working together. Today a family or any other group of people can organize themselves and implement a safe, secure and fast system to ensure that every individual, including the youth have an income. And having an income changes things. Money makes things happen.

A feast was made for laughter; and wine makes merry. But money answers all things

Ecclesiastes 10:19

Today there are programs, systems, and tools that will allow our youth to earn their own money. If we add in the right guidance and some financial literacy, they can use that money to finance their dream. You all do remember what it is like to have a dream right?

Maybe you gave up on yours because you thought you were never going to get a break. There is no reason in 2020 for our children to be giving up on their dreams. The opportunities are available if someone will simply point them out. And if we will just work together to make them work for everyone.

How is it that we have no problem partying and getting drunk together, but can’t work together to improve our financial situations?

In 2017 It was not meant for me to put together a youth event. It was meant for me to learn that there are some people in the world that will not help anyone unless they will get something from it. I remember speaking to so many event planners with outrageous fees. I’m not saying that anyone should reduce their fees or work for free. It just good to remember that generosity comes before reciprocity.

Back then, I simply did not have the funds to pay for what I wanted. That is not the case today, because I’m more interested in helping other people have the funds than I am will pulling off the perfect event. Now I have a way for us all to make the money by helping each other make the money, That is what the A.S.C.E.N.D Wealth Collective is all about. It is a wealth creation community that features a unique crowdfunding platform that allows all of out member to have a sustainable income.

The cool thing about they platform is that it is not just for my community. It is for anyone or any group of people that wants to learn to use it for what ever reason they choose. I believe that it is something that anyone who works with the youth or are involved in their lives should be very interested in learning about.

I am interested in speaking with youth coaches, mentors, parenting coaches, speakers, business owners, community leader, church leaders, or anyone else who is interested in helping our children. I’m always looking expand my reach so that more people have access to the platform and ultimately the lives of more of our youth can take a different direction. I am sick, tired, and fed up of watching our children throw their lives away. I have some ideas about how to change that but I will need some help to get the word out.

Peace, Power, and Prosperity


A Win-Win Solution for Landlords and Tenants

What a year 2020 has been!! If there is one word to sum up the entire year, it would have to be “Adjustment. I’m sure that we call can agree that Surviving 2020 has been one huge exercise in Adjusting to Changes.  I don’t think there is anyone that can truly say that their life has not been affected in some way by “The Pandemic” It seems that at every turn there is news of disease, distress and death. It has been a hard time for us all.

I’ve been following with some interest the many stories being shared about how “The Pandemic” is affecting the lives of landlords and property owners who have tenants protected under the various eviction moratoriums now in place. It is a situation where understand and tolerance must be exercised. It is easy to allow emotions to get in the way of reason and vilify the landlords because you sympathize with the renters. The truth is the situation is not good for the renters or the landlord. Yes, the renters need a place to stay, and being able to stay where they are can help reduce the spread of Covid-19. But landlords are humans too, and they still have to eat. And it is even worse if you are a small property owner that depend on rent from one or two properties to pay your own bills.

I’m certain that no landlord wants to go down in history as one who put a someone out in the cold during what seems to be an unstoppable, global pandemic, at the start of the holiday season.

I’m certain that no landlord wants to go down in history as one who put a someone out in the cold during what seems to be an unstoppable, global pandemic, at the start of the holiday season. It is not the best look in the world, that’s for sure. What is needed in a situation like this is a solution that works for everyone involved. While the intention behind the moratorium is a good one. I don’t think the plan was well thought out. It happens when a solution is needed quickly. Often, the right questions don’t get asked and variable get missed.

Let’s take a look at the problem now and see if we can come up with a better solution. The first step in problem solving is to first determine the problem. The problem is that “The Pandemic” has caused some people who pay rent to lose income, and not be able to pay their rent. This means that the landlords who depend on the rent to pay their bills have lost income. In the meantime, there is a global pandemic that will only get worse if the renters who are not paying their rent are put out of their homes and go into shelters or other crowded homes.

Current Solution: Protect the renters by delaying their rent payments and let the landlords deal with it the best they can.

A Moratorium on evictions. From an emotional standpoint this sounds awesome at first. That is until you realize that after the moratorium is lifted and eventually it will be, these renters will owe massive back rent and have no protection.

Not to mention it does nothing to help the landlords, who still have bills to pay but no protections for their income. To make matters worse, those who are coming up with the solutions don’t have to deal with the problems. I would say solution number one should be tossed and a better solution found, wouldn’t you agree?

Now what if there was a way for property owners to implement a unique crowdfunding program among his tenants that would empower them to earn sustainable income, so that they could make their rental payments? What if, on top of that he could also participate and create an addition income for himself?


There are innovations in blockchain and cryptocurrency that can provide a rapid solution to this issue for both landlords and their tenants.

I’m well versed in using at least one and will be happy to show anyone who needs to raise a substantial about of money in a short time how it can be done, if they are willing to learn to use a new technology and follow simple instructions.

Tenants could pay their back rent, bring their rent current, and continue to pay it for the duration of Covid-19, however long that may be.

It make absolutely no sense to me for anyone to keep doing something that isn’t working and then complain because it isn’t working, without exploring new options. What the hell do we have brains for, if not for thinking?

If anyone is serious about doing something other than complaining about the situation, I would love to help you put a solution in place that will work if you use it. That’s all I have to say. Just reply in the comments

If you know of anyone that is seeking solutions for their tenants, needs to raise their rent, or funds for anything else, please share this post with them. I will be happy to help them help themselves.

Peace, Power, and Prosperity


Mindset: Scarcity vs Abundance

In mathematics, one of the first concepts we’re introduced to is “Prime Numbers.” I’ll assume that we all know that a prime number is a number which is only divisible by itself or one. From my standpoint as a Mathematician, there is a certain foundational quality to prime numbers. I consider them to be numbers with impeccable (unquestionable) integrity.

In the world of behaviors boundary would be the equivalent of prime numbers.  I believe that abundance and scarcity are behavioral prime numbers.  Abundance and its mirror reversal scarcity are the topics I want to explore today. Quite literally, boundary, abundance, scarcity are the most basic and irreducible concepts in the human experience.

Abundance can be defined as a constellation of attitudes, which consciously or unconsciously, infiltrate and inundate our very being. They are the attitudes that tell us that all the qualities of life we most dearly cherish are freely available. It may be true that we have not yet learned how to gather the harvest, but an abundant worldview tells us that, as an article of faith, the world is truly bountiful and benevolent. And that all we want, need, and desire is readily available.

This allows us to genuinely rejoice in the prosperity of others. As we witness the abundant joy of each other, we are better equipped to understand, appreciate, and seek similar conditions and qualities for ourselves. Truly, the success of any one of us is a validation of the hope we hold for our own success.

The idea of abundance is at the very core of human existence. It’s natural; we don’t need to be learn it. When we have experiences from early childhood that support the processes of natural development, especially during the first 5 years of life, abundance is the outcome. Conversely, when these experiences distort natural development, scarcity is learned, and behavior becomes compulsory and defensive.

 Abundance is NOT measured by money or material things. It’s a quality of life. That means it can’t be measured. It can only be felt. Abundance isn’t something we arrive at with our heads. We come to abundance by what we feel in our hearts.

People with abundant personalities are naturally and easily optimistic. They have an inner knowing that most of the time, good things happen and when so-called bad things happen, they are the exception.

It is easy for abundant or as Dr Wayne Dyer calls them, “no-limit people” to see the world as a warm and benevolent place and to find that most of the time people are kind. Therefore, abundant people enjoy giving and receiving feelings of love, warmth, and acceptance.

Fear is an infrequent visitor. When fear does show up an abundant person will seek to understand the contextual meaning of the fear. We seek because we know that fear is not something inherent to the individual, so it must be caused by something.

Abundance provides an individual with a sense of inner security. It is an abundant person who can authentically say “Because I am OK, I will be OK. I don’t need to stack the deck. I don’t need to pack a parachute. Whatever happens, I will deal with it well. I will learn from this experience and be the better for the experience. And I WILL BE OK.”

I’m not saying that abundant people don’t have difficulties. We do experience difficult and painful events, but abundance provides the us with a certain resiliency and perhaps, most important, abundance permits us to feel grief, pain, or loss, deal with it, have closure, and move on with our lives.

We are not immune to pain distress, and what the world might call failure. But as a rule, abundant people do not subscribe to the nihilistic belief that “shit happens”. For us, it is not shit, but life that happens. Abundance allows us to deal with life realistically and effectively.

By its nature abundance is transcendent and transformational. It’s infinite. It’s a life force that can’t be reckoned. It’s like love, in that the more you give, the more you receive. Like love, the supply of abundance is universal and inexhaustible.

Scarcity doesn’t require such a lengthy description. The fact is, when we hold all the attributes of abundance in front of a mirror, we can’t help but see all the attributes of its opposite. The opposite of any quality is intrinsic in its definition. But I will offer a few observations.

Scarcity is NOT natural. It’s the result of the disruption and distortion of a person’s developmental processes. It creates a worldview that tells a person they are at risk and vulnerable in an environment that’s essentially and fundamentally hostile.

That’s why scarce people can never relax.  It is why they are resistant to opportunities. Think about people you know who call everything a scam or operate from a general defeatist point of view. They feel that they must always be on guard and vigilant. They’re the people who always “sleeping with one eye open.”

To them, opportunities for joy, fun, fulfillment and prosperity are illusory, distracting and unrealistic. According to a scarce person what appears as prosperity is a sure sign that someone has taken an unfair advantage or more than their share of the world’s bounty.

Scarcity tells people that most of their lives must be spent in collecting money and things. If they are “lucky” and good stewards, then the few remaining years of their lives they might be able to relax and maybe experience some of the qualities of life that are at the core of the abundant person’s everyday life.

Scarce people are fixated on the measurement of things. Scarcity leads a person to focus on acquisition, possession, and control rather than enjoyment and the benefits of service to others. Scarcity causes a person to be primarily invested in DOING AND OUTCOME rather than BEING AND INPUT.

Since scarce people need to control outcome and, of course it’s impossible to do. They end up feeling inadequate and anxious. They value objects more than experiences. This control manifests as a need to protect rather than a desire to enjoy or serve. They struggle with a pervasive sense of fear, especially fear of loss, failure, personal inadequacy, and/or abandonment. A worldview of scarcity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.



Fear and love can’t coexist; where there is one, there is the absence of the other. Scarce people are unable to permit themselves to participate in truly intimate relationships. As they acclimate to a life without intimacy, they become bitter. The compensatory behavior almost always involves withdrawal, denial, and suspicion.

Life is a preparation for ever impending gloom and doom. They are inherently pessimistic and when something good happens for them, it is the exception. They believe life is tough, the world is hostile, and most of the time people will take advantage of you.

The mantra of the scarce is “Because I am not OK, I will not be OK.  So, I need to do everything I can to stack the deck, control the variables, isolate myself, and otherwise prepare for the worst, because it will probably happen.”

Let me again, mention my beloved Dr Wayne Dyer for this distinction: A scare person counts the number of seeds in an 🍎 apple, while an abundant person contemplates the number of apples in a seed.

 Abundance and its mirror reversal scarcity are crucial concepts in understanding the human condition. Understanding these concepts are important for improving our relationships and ability to serve other.

Service to others is a measure of the value we bring to the spaces we inhabit. The more value we bring to the spaces we inhabit, the more abundance we attract. The more abundance we attract the more our relationship with money improves. So, if you want more money become more abundant.

Peace, Power and Prosperity

TalibahAset Nasiha El

Why Crypto? Why You? Why Now?

“The World as you know it has changed. You have choices, change with it or be left behind.”- TalibahAset

It’s safe to say that, by now, we all have heard something about cryptocurrency. Most of us have at least heard of Bitcoin. My fear is that not enough of us have an accurate understanding of what cryptocurrency is. More importantly, I’m afraid that too many of us don’t understand how much we need cryptocurrency.  

 Cryptocurrency is what money aspired to be when the concept was conceived. It is money’s dream of itself. That is my personal definition of what I call “Freedom Money.” Honestly, isn’t that why we all do the things we do for money? We all really want to be free, right? Freedom is the reason cryptocurrency is so important.  

Let’s begin with a working definition of crypto currency. “A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in a form of computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, to control the creation of additional coins, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership.” 

 Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. We all are familiar with the idea of digital currency. That is what debit and credit cards are. They are digital in the fact that the “money” does not exist in a physical form, like paper and coins. The difference between you debit card and cryptocurrency is that crypto uses decentralized control instead of centralized authority such as a bank, government, or corporation. 

  Each cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, known as a blockchain, that serves as a public financial transaction database. This is part of the magic of cryptocurrency. It is why I call it ” freedom money.”  It means you are in control of your own finances without the need of any type of financial institutions or authorities. 

 Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, released as an open- source software in 2009. Since that time, many other cryptocurrencies have been developed, forever changing the way we deal with money. The power of cryptocurrency is that it is stateless, rootless, weightless, and borderless. 

 It allows you and I to move “money” instantaneously, from any place on the planet to any other place on the planet without the need of a bank, corporation, or government. I believe, it is powerful enough to reduce poverty around the world, if not completely eradicate it. Just think about it, cryptocurrency is a private and transparent medium of exchange that is endlessly divisible and instantly transferable, capable of traversing the entire world with lighting tap speed without the involvement of anyone but the person sending it and the person receiving it. That is an amazing power to have in your hands, wouldn’t you agree?  

The arrival of cryptocurrency posed a huge threat to the established financial markets. It can function as a store of value like, gold and silver. It can function as a medium of exchange or method of payment like debit, credit, and PayPal, Stripe, or Square. It can function as a global transaction network like Moneygram and Western Union. And it does it all privately, all peer to peer, without the involvement of any financial institution, and at a fraction of a fraction of the cost of tradition transaction fees.  

You may have heard that crypto is the future of money. Today, as I write this, that is no longer true. Crypto is the NOW. We are in the middle of the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. A large part of that wealth will transfer into crypto. If you have not positioned yourself in the space, you are coming dangerously close to missing out. 

So, what is the safest and most lucrative way for a beginner to get into the crypto space? You may have heard people talking about mining or trading. I think both of those are awesome ways to interact with the crypto markets for those who are suited to them. But what about the rest of us? 

The best way, I have seen and what I advocate for everyone, is Crowdfunding 2.0 (Smart Contract Crowdfunding). It’s easy, safe, fast, and incredibly lucrative. It is an awesome way to earn more income to support your family, business, or passion project. It is also a great primary source of income.  

Not, to mention it is affordable for anyone to get started. It is the best way I have ever seen for a family to secure themselves financially and start building generational wealth. If you ask me, I will say that everyone, no matter else you are doing should be involved Crowdfunding 2.0. In fact, it is ALWAYS the first solution I recommend to my consulting clients.

It is not the only way to break into the “crypto” space. It’s the best way to create a sustainable income for yourself and foundation for the future. It is the best foundation for building generational wealth. In fact, I created a community were all members earn income by participating in crowdfunding 2.0. I invite you to visit The A.S.C.E.N.D Wealth Collective.

I look forward to being of service. 

Peace, Power, and Prosperity  


The Power of Thought

Everyone needs money. This is not a declaration of some secret truth I recently discovered. It is a fact. I’m 100% sure that it is a statement that we all can agree on.

 If we intend to remain in the land of the living for any length of time, we will need things and things cost money. Wallace Wattles, the author of the classic book, The Science of Getting Rich, puts it this way. 

WHATEVER may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.” 

This is one of my favorite books, because like the author, I don’t see the accumulation of material wealth as a luxury, it is a necessity. I see no justification for choosing poverty as a way of life. 

Anything, that resembles poverty or struggle is unacceptable. Poverty is unnecessary. I suppose, it goes without saying that I’m an advocate for material wealth. That is, I believe that the more money we all have, the better it is for all of us. 

Wattles writes, “In this book, I shall not speak of riches in a figurative way; to be really rich does not mean to be satisfied or contented with a little. No man ought to be satisfied with a little if he is capable of using and enjoying more.” I agree. 

There is another important reason I love “The Science of Getting Rich” so much. It is because it draws a clear connection between Metaphysics and Money in such a simple way. There are those who will say that you can’t be rich and spiritual at the same time. I believe that you can’t have money without spirituality.  

As Wallace Wattles Says, “There is a Thinking Substance from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. The thought of a form, in this Substance, produces the form; the thought of a motion institutes the motion. In relation to man, the thoughts of Original Substance are always of perfect health and perfect functioning.” 

This doesn’t mean that I believe that simply thinking of money will directly produce it in your life. I know that financial success is the result of right actions. Thinking is where right action begins. The truth is that your financial success depends on your habits. Your habits are nothing more, than consistent actions. Those action are determined by your thoughts and beliefs. This is where we will begin our Journey. 

Truly, “thoughts are things,” and powerful things at that, when mixed with purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches or other material objects.” – Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) 

We live in an interesting time in history. We have watched in amazement as a virus shut the entire world down and forever changed life as we know it. It seems that if it weren’t for bad news there wouldn’t be any. 

We are hit daily with reports of death, dis-ease, and despair. I will be the first to admit that keeping your thoughts positive takes some work. I will also be the first to tell you that bringing your thoughts under submission is not optional if you are serious about improving your finances. 

Why is it so important to be protective of your thoughts? It is because what you think about determines your beliefs. And your belief determines your actions. These actions become your habits. Your habits are a key factor in your financial success.  

It is my intention to give you a step-by-step guide to at once increase your cash flow, save properly, and put your money to work to make more money. If followed this guide will open the door to generational wealth. 

Your thoughts will play a key role in determining how much you benefit from this guide. To quote another famous, wealth creator, Henry Ford, “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. Opportunities exist in abundance. It is your thinking that cause you to miss them.  

The Poem “Invictus” was written in 1875. It ends with the lines. “I am the Master of my Fate. I am the Captain of my Soul.” This is true. You are the master of your fate and captain of your soul because you have the power to control and direct your thoughts. The power you have makes no distinction between positive and negative thoughts. It will manifest poverty into reality just as quickly as it will manifest wealth.  

You see your brain acts a transmitting and receiving station. It is magnetized by the thoughts you focus most of your attention on. People, situations, circumstances, and events that come into your life reflect your thoughts. If you are poverty conscious you will experience poverty. If you are prosperity conscious you will experience prosperity. 

Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich” says, “One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average person’s familiarity with the word “impossible,” He knows all the rules that will not work. He knows all the things that cannot be done.” That is a profound statement.  What Napoleon Hill is saying is that the main reason you struggle is because you don’t believe you can live without struggle. You don’t believe you can have so, you have not. The very idea is heartbreaking to me.  

You see, I became a Metaphysician because I wanted to help people step into their power and walk in their magnificence. It wasn’t long before I realized that the people, I wanted to help the most could afford to pay me the least. 

This was a real problem for me. I also had a problem with the fact that so many people believe you can’t have money and be spiritual. I love financial literacy and economic empowerment as much as I love metaphysics. I decided to become certified in financial literacy education, counseling, and coaching and the concept of Financial Rehabilitation Therapy was born.

It is my mission to educate you about concepts, system, tools, resources, and strategies that will, first put some money in your pocket so that you are empowered to create generational wealth. 

You can then, pass the things you learn down to your future generations so that your family is always protected. It is more than a way to make a living for me. This is what I was ordained to do. It is my calling. And I am awesome at it. 

It makes no sense for so many of us to beg, struggle, and scrape by when there are so many opportunities available for us to have more.

Peace, Power, and Prosperity